Why You Need A Good Egg Incubator

The incubation process may seem quite easy however it is actually a very complex procedure. After you have mastered the incubation process, it is possible to get it done provided there are a few eggs. You can also exclusively use a makeshift incubator for that exact purpose. If you’re incubating eggs over a massive scale, you should definitely use advanced incubation equipment. Just one mistake from the incubation process could make your eggs die. Using advanced incubation equipment means that no errors happen. The best poultry farming method incorporates using industrial equipment. Such equipment ensures you recruit a higher hatching rate.

There are particular types of incubators on the kinds of eggs. For chicken eggs, you are likely to need to use egg incubators created for Chicken egg use. Poultry hatcheries use top quality incubation equipment. You are able to hatch chicken eggs in makeshift conditions nonetheless it becomes harder and harder to acheive it the larger the amount of chicken eggs. Consider that in comparison to other animal eggs, chicken eggs are probably the easiest forms of eggs to incubate. Egg incubators will be one of your best friend in case you enter the poultry farming business.

No matter what chicken breeds you are trying to hatch, it is best that you have top quality poultry supplies. The greater the top quality poultry supplies you have, the higher the hatch rate of the chicken eggs. Incubation can be a science that must definitely be followed on the dot. You are not going to succeed from the farming business knowing nothing about this. Blindly doing the work will still only bring about failure. Your heart have to be focus on the task wholly if you need to reach your goals in this type of business. As soon as you get the hang of things, chicken egg farming becomes quite simple.

Now you find out regarding the nature in the incubation process as well as the farming business, you might want to carry out some extra research. Doing a bit of extra research will greatly help you in starting an enterprise linked to chicken farming. There are a lot of books and articles in your library that go over the subjects discussed here. Aside from these resources, it’s also possible to look into the different websites on the market focused on tackling the latest in animal farming. If you want a specific website to visit, then Make sure you check out eggincubator.org.

A bit knowledge goes a very long way in animal farming. After you learn animal farming, you will be able to reap its benefits much easier. Animal farming is an extremely rewarding experience. Before it becomes rewarding, you should first master the science behind it.

When You Sleep Too Much: What Happen

indexWhen it comes to sleep, can you have too much of a good thing? It’s true a good night’s sleep is essential for health. But oversleeping has been linked to a host of medical problems, including diabetes, heart disease, and increased risk of death.Researchers are careful to note, however, that two other factors — depression and low socioeconomic status — are strongly associated with oversleeping. Those two factors may be the reason for the observed negative health effects. For example, people of lower socioeconomic status may have less access to health care and therefore more undiagnosed illnesses, such as heart disease, which, in turn, may cause oversleeping.

Oversleeping: How Much Sleep Is Too Much?

The amount of sleep you need varies significantly over the course of your lifetime. It depends on your age and activity level as well as your general health and lifestyle habits. For instance, during periods of stress or illness, you may feel an increased need for sleep. But although sleep needs differ over time and from person to person, experts typically recommend that adults should sleep between seven and nine hours each night.

Why Do People Sleep Too Much?

For people who suffer from hypersomnia, oversleeping is actually a medical disorder. The condition causes people to suffer from extreme sleepiness throughout the day, which is not usually relieved by napping. It also causes them to sleep for unusually long periods of time at night. Many people with hypersomnia experience symptoms of anxiety, low energy, and memory problems as a result of their almost constant need for sleep.

Obstructive sleep apnea, a disorder that causes people to stop breathing momentarily during sleep, can also lead to an increased need for sleep. That’s because it disrupts the normal sleep cycle.

Of course, not everyone who oversleeps has a sleep disorder. Other possible causes of oversleeping include the use of certain substances, such as alcohol and some prescription medications. Other medical conditions, including depression, can cause people to oversleep. And then there are people who simply want to sleep a lot.

Medical Problems Linked to Oversleeping

Diabetes . Studies have shown that sleeping too long or not enough each night can increase the risk for diabetes.

Obesity . Sleeping too much or too little could make you weigh too much, as well. One recent study showed that people who slept for nine or 10 hours every night were 21% more likely to become obese over a six-year period than were people who slept between seven and eight hours. This association between sleep and obesity remained the same even when food intake and exercise were taken into account.

Headaches . For some people prone to headaches, sleeping longer than usual on a weekend or vacation can cause head pain. Researchers believe this is due to the effect oversleeping has on certain neurotransmitters in the brain, including serotonin. People who sleep too much during the day and disrupt their nighttime sleep may also find themselves suffering from headaches in the morning.

Back pain . There was a time when doctors told people suffering from back pain to head straight to bed. But those days are long gone. You may not even need to curtail your regular exercise program when you are experiencing back pain. Check with your doctor. Doctors now realize the health benefits of maintaining a certain level of activity. And they recommend against sleeping more than usual, when possible.

Depression . Although insomnia is more commonly linked to depression than oversleeping is, roughly 15% of people with depression sleep too much. This may in turn make their depression worse. That’s because regular sleep habits are important to the recovery process.

Heart disease . The Nurses’ Health Study involved nearly 72,000 women. A careful analysis of the data from that study showed that women who slept nine to 11 hours per night were 38% more likely to have coronary heart disease than women who slept eight hours. Researchers have not yet identified a reason for the connection between oversleeping and heart disease.

Death. Multiple studies have found that people who sleep nine or more hours a night have significantly higher death rates than people sleeping seven to eight hours a night. No specific reason for this correlation has been determined. But researchers found that depression and low socioeconomic status are also associated with longer sleep. They speculate these factors could be related to the observed increase in mortality for people who sleep too much.

Coop Home Goods vs My Pillow

What is the filling-material inside? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

coop-home-goodsCoop Home Goods – It is a highly comfortable pillow filled with shredded memory foam. The foam is independently tested, analyzed and accredited by testing laboratories to guarantee high standard of manufacturing. Coop Home Goods pillows also meet the standards set by CeriPUR-US that acknowledges content, emissions and durability. For consumer safety the manufacturers ensure that the pillow is made without ozone depleters, PBDEs, TDCPP, TCEP flame retardants, mercury, lead and heavy metals, formaldehyde, phthalates regulated by the CPSC, or CFCs.

My Pillow – The pillow has patented interlocking 3-piece Polly Fill that is designed to adjust the unique curvature for custom fit of consumers. The unique fill stabilizes the head, shoulders and neck and provides elongated peaceful sleep and puts consumers in REM sleep faster. My Pillow has a natural cooling effect due to use of shredded memory foam and latex foam. It is 100% made in USA.

What is the cover is made of? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It has bamboo fabric along with memory foam that keeps the cover and pillow hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant. There is polyester mix with 40% bamboo in the cover making it environment-friendly fabric that is soft and comfortable. Lycra, bamboo and polyester used in Coop Home Goods cover make the best bedding fabrics and lasts for a long time. It feels like silk or satin and is washable for ease of cleaning. Bamboo also is highly eco-friendly and is a natural and renewable resource. Its threads are long and smooth to avoid bunching, pilling or breaking which is found in cotton material. Also the cover has anti-microbial properties to safeguard users against bacteria, mold and mildew. Cool Home Goods cover also works great for people with allergies as it breathes naturally and resists moisture buildup. The airflow also ensures that it stays cool during the night. Plus it comes with farm raised bamboo that have no chemicals, fertilizers or pesticides used to grow.

my pillowMy Pillow – My Pillow consists of Viscose Rayon Cover that utilizes bamboo threads. It offers comfort, moisture-wicking and also resistance towards mold, mildew and bacterial growth.

Is it machine washable? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It is machine washable with cold water but should not be bleached. Also it should be dried in the sun for 8-10 hours after it or using a low tumble dry.

My Pillow – It is completely machine washable. For top loading machines balance should be maintained while in front load it can be washed with full load of laundry. For drying tumble dry with high heat helps and can be put in for extra spin cycles to reduce drying time of My Pillow.

Does it stay cool? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The use of proprietary ultra-soft bamboo polyester blend fabric helps in regulating temperature and keeps cool during nights. The addition of shredded memory foam lets more air circulation.

My Pillow – The pillow consists of cooling technology with shredded memory foam that keeps it cool even during hot nights. The built-in cooling effect helps in maintaining the temperature for a refreshing and energizing sleep.

Does it smell? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – It does have a smell because of the use of memory foam in the initial period which can be mild to nauseating depending on each person. It’s suggested to wash the pillow to help with the smell and will go away with few uses. The vacuum seal which holds the pillow can expose unbearable smell when opened for the first time.

My Pillow – There’s a strong chemical smell to it which is difficult to get rid of even after washing. Also washing and drying as per the instructions still renders it as a useless lump without getting the chemical smell out.

Does it make noise? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The mattress pad of Coop Home Goods pillow is noiseless and has no plastic sounds to give a good night’s rest. Although the variable blend of foam and fabric does create some noise.

My Pillow – It keeps making some noise or the other while sleeping on it. The pillow is loud and makes sleeping difficult for light sleeper and side sleepers who keep their ear on the pillow.

Does it help with snoring? Coop Home Goods vs Snuggle Pedic vs My Pillow

Coop Home Goods – The pillow is comfortable to use and provides full comfort to the head, neck and back. But there is no substantial proof that it helps in relieving snoring.

My Pillow – It is reviewed to be not helpful at all and is poorly aligned for few users which can increase their snoring instead of relieving it.

Hope with this article, you will find a tips choose pillow for you and your family. Keep reading more tips Side Sleeper Reviews by leave comment below. Thanks for reading !


Memory Foam Pillows VS Buckwheat Pillows

Just like other natural fill pillows, buckwheat pillows have been around for a long time. Many people like the comfort of buckwheat pillows because it can shape itself to your head’s contours and provides great support to the user. However, new technology pillows like the quilted memory foam pillows are giving it a run for their money. In fact, most pillows sold in the UK are either made from polyester or memory foam. But if both pillows provide great head and neck support, which one should you opt to buy if confronted with these choices? Let’s find out.

buckwheat pillows

The Difference Between Memory Foam Pillows VS Buckwheat Pillows

Buckwheat Pillows


Buckwheat pillows are very affordable. They are also environment friendly because they are made from natural materials. Like most materials made from nature, they are breathable so you won’t feel hot and sweaty against the pillow during hot or warm days. You can also adjust the number of buckwheat inside by adding or removing hulls for just the right loft. Buckwheat pillows also provide above average support for users because they don’t flatten out during the night. It can also conform to the contours of the neck for even weight distribution. This pillow is ideal for back sleepers.


This pillow is not on the huggable side. Many users will complain because they can be noisy when you shift around. Some people also find it inconvenient to have to adjust the number of buckwheat inside the pillows to find just the right support you need.

Buckwheat pillows also tend to be heavier and the filling can shift to one side if you don’t frump them correctly. Bottom line: if you’re not prepared to experiment with the right number of hulls, buckwheat pillows can be too firm which can lead to your discomfort while sleeping. Buckwheat pillows have lost their popularity due to new technology so not many retailers carry them.

Quilted Memory Foam Pillows

There is no guess work involved when you use a quilted memory foam pillow. Made with polyurethane foam, the pillow automatically adjusts to your needs as your head sinks into the pillow. If you have neck pain, the pillow’s heat sensitive feature kicks in and adjusts itself so that your neck is contoured and properly supported as you sleep. The quilts add luxury and comfort to the user while giving the pillow more fabric strength. The memory foam material is also very popular so you have lots of access not only to pillows but different products as well to increase your sleeping comfort.


Depending on the manufacturer, quilted memory foam pillows tend to be on the more expensive side of the scale. They are also hard to keep clean and maintain. Manufacturers advice against the washing or soaking of pillows so users will have to purchase additional protectors and pillow guards to keep their quilted memory foam pillows clean and stain-free. Some users also complain that their quilted memory foam pillows give off a smell called off gassing which can be a letdown for the first few weeks of use.

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Natural Latex Vs Memory (Viscoelastic) Foam Mattress

Are you debating between natural latex and a memory foam mattress? They both excel at comfort, and each has their own set of pros and cons. However, latex comes out as the better option of the two. Find out why here.

memory foam mattress

What is a memory foam mattress made of?

Memory foam, or viscoelastic foam, is made primarily from polyurethane. Other chemicals are added to it to increase its density and viscosity. Memory foam is therefore an entirely synthetic product. Memory foam first had widespread use in aircraft cushions for safety, and in medical settings to avoid pressure points. It was originally too expensive to use as a mattress material, although the cost has since come down.

What is a natural latex mattress made of?

A natural latex mattress is made out of the sap of the rubber tree. This milky liquid sap (the latex) is processed into blocks of springy comfortable foam. A latex mattress is therefore a natural product. A all-natural latex mattress will not contain harsh chemicals and is naturally dust mite resistant and mould resistant.

What is the user experience of a latex mattress versus a memory foam mattress?

We’ll find out more about the specific pros and cons of each of these mattresses, but first let’s take a look at how each type of mattress would actually feel.

When you lie down on a latex mattress, you’ll initially feel a sort of a pleasant ‘sinking’ feeling, followed by a feeling of soft supportiveness. This is why so many people enjoy latex mattresses: the superb comfort. In fact, many people suffering from chronic pain (e.g. back pain) find that a latex mattress alleviates the pain.

When you lie down on a memory foam mattress, it feels very comfortable by letting your body form an impression (it springs back, or ‘recovers’ after you move away). Memory foam conforms to your body contours. Beware that if you roll over, you will find that it takes more energy to move, due to the viscosity of the memory foam. You’ll also notice that memory foam feels warm to your body, because of the temperature sensitivity of memory foam. Those in cool climates may enjoy this, but in Singapore a memory foam mattress can feel unpleasantly hot.

Advantages and disadvantages of a natural latex mattress


  • Extremely comfortable – a latex mattress offers a soft yet supportive sleeping  experience, able to alleviate pain. Latex mattresses have a very high owner satisfaction rating due to their restful comfort.
  • Good body pressure support means that the spine will be lined up correctly while sleeping. The body pressure distribution properties of latex mattresses prevent pressure points on the body.
  • Latex is a natural product – no exposure to harsh chemicals.
    Naturally mould resistant and dust mite resistant without use of added chemicals, unlike other mattresses.
  • Excellent air circulation – the natural open-cell structure of latex allows air to circulate. In addition, latex mattresses are constructed with pin-holes in them which improve the air circulation even further.
  • Durability – a latex mattress is one of the most durable types of mattresses. It keeps its comfort and softness without sagging for a very long time, beyond that of other mattress types.


  • Expense – an all-natural latex mattress is relatively expensive compared to other mattresses, although not in comparison to memory foam.

Advantages and disadvantages of a memory foam mattress


  • Very comfortable – many people enjoy the sensation of sleeping on a memory foam mattress.
    Does not transmit movement easily – movement on one side of the bed does not affect the other side. Memory foam excels at this property above and beyond other mattresses.


  • Feels hot when sleeping – this property is due to the heat sensitivity of memory foam. Many people in warm climates such as Singapore find a memory foam mattress unpleasantly warm to sleep on.
  • Off-gassing – this is an unpleasant chemical odour which is emitted by many memory foam mattresses, especially when new. Not only does off-gassing smell nasty, but health-wise you might be concerned about breathing in these chemicals when sleeping.
  • Takes more energy to roll over – when you roll over or move on a memory foam mattress, it takes up more of your energy to do so. This is because of the high viscosity of memory foam. Therefore, those who move a lot in bed may find this interrupts their sleep more than it would on another type of mattress.
  • Poor air circulation – air does not circulate easily in a memory foam mattress, making it less well suited for warm humid climates such as those found in Singapore.
  • Not so durable – eventually the memory foam loses its ability to ‘spring back’. The heavier the person is, the faster a memory foam mattress will break down.
  • Expense – a memory foam mattress is more expensive than most other types of mattresses.

If you’re thinking of shopping for a best latex mattress for side sleepers, try one out and enjoy! You’ll see first-hand why they are in high demand worldwide.

Tips for a good night’s sleep

Tips for A Good Night’s Sleep

Sleep is a part of life of each person. Average adults sleep 7-9 hours a day. There are many issues that our sleep is affected as work, family, stress. So how to get a good night’s sleep, here are tips to help us sleep better.

tip for a good sleep

Create a sleep-conducive environment
Keep noise level to a minimum and your bedroom dark and cool. Your sleeping environment should establish the conditions that you need for sleep. You may also want to use sleeping aids like blackout curtains, eye shades, ear plugs, “white noise,” humidifiers, fans and other devices.

Sleep on a good mattress and pillows
You should have a good mattress to support your body throughout the night and enough room to stretch and turn comfortably. If you often wake up with a backache or an aching neck, you should invest in a good new mattress and pillows.

Keep a regular sleeping schedule
Go to bed at the same time every night and wake up at the same time every day. This sets the “body’s clock” to expect sleep at a certain time night after night.

Create a regular and relaxing bed time routine
Ease the transition from wake time to sleep time with relaxing activities an hour or so before bed. Take a bath, read a book, listen to soothing music or practice relaxation exercises. Avoid stressful, stimulating activities.

Naturally regulate your sleep-wake cycle
Melatonin is a hormone that helps control your sleep- wake cycle and its production is controlled by light exposure. To ensure you stay alert during the day and sleepy at night, you should let as much light into your home/workspace as possible during day time. This way, the melatonin production is boost at night to make you sleepy.

Go to sleep when you’re truly tired
If you’re not asleep after 20 minutes, get out of bed and do a quiet, non-stimulating activity, like reading or listening to music until you are tired enough to sleep. Try to avoid backlighted screens such as computers, TV and handphones as the light they emit is brain stimulating.

Nap early
If you need to nap, opt for a short daytime nap. Late-day naps decrease sleep drive and cause a problem to become sleepy during the night.

Have regular exercise
Exercise can help you fall asleep faster and sleep better. However, exercising right before going to bed will make falling asleep more difficult as it stimulates and makes the body more alert. Try to finish exercising at least three hours before bed. Late afternoon exercise is best to help you fall asleep at night.

Eat the right amount
Stay away from big meals at night. Finish dinner several hours before bedtime and avoid foods that cause indigestion.

Avoid alcohol, caffeine and nicotine before bed time
Many people think that alcohol will help them sleep. While it may make you fall asleep faster, alcohol reduces your sleep quality. It disrupts sleep as you’ll be more prone of waking up later in the night.
Caffeine in coffee or tea can cause sleep problems up to ten hours after consumption. Consider eliminating caffeine after lunch.
Nicotine is also a stimulant causing withdrawal symptoms, which reduce the quality of your sleep.

Hope with tips above will help you have a sleeper good. You can read tips and how to at here: sidesleeperreviews.com